Thor’s Cave and Wetton Walk

It had been so long since we’d been for a proper walk that I was desperate to get out. We tried a few times to make it to the Peak District, but life (and Christmas and the weather) seemed determined to stop us heading outdoors. We finally made it last week and it really was worth waiting for.

As this was just a quick day trip, we decided on a walk in the south of the peaks. After some brief online research, I led us to the village of Wetton for a circular walk via Thor’s Cave. We parked in the great little car park, which is not only free, but also boasts toilets and baby changing facilities (approx postcode DE6 2AF).

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After heading out of the village, we followed the concession footpath up to Thor’s Cave. (There are directions on the noticeboard outside the toilets.)  After the recent rain the ground was a bit boggy in places with lovely thick, sticky mud. Luckily I was road testing some great boots from Grisport (review here) so I didn’t have too many problems. It was a bit harder for Luke as he had the not-inconsiderable weight of Finn on his back!


Finn & Luke in front of the cave entrance

The View from Thor's Cave

The View from Thor’s Cave

The cave was certainly impressive, and we both had a good look around. The rocks were very slippery, it’s definitely worth wearing proper footwear. With some impressive views to enjoy, the cave is a great place to take a breather or stop for lunch.

We then followed the path down to the river and crossed the footbridge. Continuing north along the Manifold Way,  the steep sides of the valley sheltered us from the wind. It was nice to have tarmac under our feet and have a little breather along the flat track. At the end of the path we carried straight ahead towards Wetton Hill.

wettoncollageAgain, this section was nice and flat and sheltered from the wind. It was a tad soft underfoot, but nothing too bad. We reached a signpost pointing  to a footpath on the right that led back towards Wetton. This bit skirted around the hill and was much more exposed. Poor Finn took a bit of a battering in the wind, especially as he refuses to wear a hat!


Luke & Finn make their way across a windy Wetton Hill


The views were fantastic as we headed back down towards Wetton

Luckily he’s a real trooper and so didn’t complain too much, even with the wind blowing right into his face. We headed back down to the village, past the village hall (which also serves as a small cafe) and St Margaret’s Church, before arriving back at the car.

All in all, a very enjoyable walk. Wetton makes a great starting point for many interesting walks, like this. It also features a welcoming pub, The Royal Oak, and a few holiday cottages and a B&B, making it an ideal base to explore the area.

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  1. The Peak District is so picturesque. We last went there while I was pregnant with Tin Box Tot. We managed a few lovely walks but not Thor’s Cave – it looks fantastic. I’m a bit of a sucker for a good cave 🙂 #whatevertheweather


  2. The cave looks fab and amazing views from the cave entrance too. It looks like a great walk and the weather looks rather nice even if it was a bit slippy underfoot. You’re doing amazingly well at getting up hills and going for walks when you have a baby too, I think I could just about manage to get up a small hill with A on my back, but Mr grumpy ‘my legs are sore’ would not get very far I think!
    Thanks so much for linking up to #Whatevertheweather 🙂 x


  3. This place is so, so beautiful. What stunning scenery!!! You did well walking that far. The cave looks amazing. I love just going out for a hike with Evie. Nothing beats the fresh air in the countryside. Such beautiful pictures too. Thank you so much for linking your adventures to #whatevertheweather. xx


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