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A Walk up Kinder Scout

I have a confession, the reason for this will become clear later on, but the fact is I can’t use a compass. I was taught once, when I did my Duke of Edinburgh bronze award (unsurprisingly I never got any further) but I just used to make the […]

Summer Leys Nature Reserve

We’re not all lucky enough to live in an AONB (area of outstanding natural beauty) or a National Park, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t find your own oasis of  beautiful countryside wherever you live. (I know I hark on about this a lot, but it’s so […]

Harlestone Firs-April 2014

I love Harlestone Firs. I’ve loved it since my Grandparents took me there as a kid. I loved riding there during my ‘horsy phase’. Now I love popping there for a walk whenever my busy schedule allows. This afternoon I was driving back from Leicester and, as the […]

Kelmarsh & Gt Oxendon Tunnels

Following our theme of finding walks that offer photographic opportunities for Luke and his ever present camera, last Sunday we trundled along to Kelmarsh tunnel in North Northants. I was also conscious of the atrocious weather we’ve had lately, so fancied a walk that would be mostly solid […]

Lyveden New Bield, Northants

Since Luke has got his new camera, I’m suddenly under a lot more pressure to seek out walks that are especially picturesque. Now if we lived in an AONB or a national park that would be a breeze. Northampton is proving more of a challenge. Certainly far from […]

Northants Walk: Badby & Fawsley 11/01/14

We’re currently planning a very exciting 10 day camping holiday taking in The Lakes, the Highlands and the Yorkshire Dales. Of course there will be plenty of walking involved, including the not inconsequential Helvellyn and  Ben Nevis. With this in mind we have attempted to start working on […]

Escape to the Coast (Part 2)

This is not my usual description of a walk. We only walked a couple of miles and followed an abbreviated version of the National Trust’s suggested route-which I’ll provide a link to. This blog entry is simply an excuse to put up some beautiful photos of Dunwich Heath […]