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Barnwell Country Park

We’ve been trying to make the most of the decent weather lately and get outside as much as possible. It’s also been a great opportunity to visit local (and local-ish) places that we’ve never been to. Following on from our visit to Fineshade,  we headed once again to […]

Signpost at Fineshade Woods

Fineshade Wood

We were blessed with a couple of days of gorgeous weather last week and, rather fortunately, these coincided with my days off. Luke was also craving some fresh air after being cooped up in his study for what seemed like weeks, so we headed to Fineshade Woods near Corby. We’ve […]

Harlestone Easy 3 Mile Walk

At the beginning of 2016 I signed up for the #Walk2016 challenge with Viewranger (a great GPS and tracking app I use to record my walks) but had so far failed to get started! I have pledged to walk 250 miles this year. I would like to do more, […]

Rushton Triangular Lodge

We’re suckers for a quirky building, so once again we headed off to a local landmark that we’ve so far neglected to visit. As fun as it is visiting far flung corners of the UK, there’s plenty to see right here in Northants. Rushton Triangular Lodge is a […]

Kelmarsh & Gt Oxendon Tunnels

Following our theme of finding walks that offer photographic opportunities for Luke and his ever present camera, last Sunday we trundled along to Kelmarsh tunnel in North Northants. I was also conscious of the atrocious weather we’ve had lately, so fancied a walk that would be mostly solid […]