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Review: Bundle Bed

I first heard about Bundle Beds back at the beginning of 2016 just as they were due to launch their Kickstarter campaign. They got in touch to tell me about their great idea, and I thought it sounded fantastic! In simple terms, a Bundle Bed is a complete, […]

Tent Review: Outwell Montana 6AC

So we finally decided on a tent. I think it’s been the most difficult decision of our lives! We narrowed it down to a Montana 6 from Outwell, but then had to choose between the inflatable or poled version. We opted for the Montana 6AC inflatable tent, mainly […]

My Camping Wishlist

As the weather has improved lately I’ve been craving some time under canvas. I am desperate to head back out there, however we are in need of a lot of new equipment. Our bargain tent has served us well for a couple of years, but our incredibly windy […]

Review: Biolite Stove

Being a romantic couple, me and Luke decided to treat ourselves to a Biolite stove and grill as a joint Christmas present. If I’m honest, although I loved the idea, it was an extravagant purchase (altogether set us back about £180) and this was the only way I could justify […]