Top Camping Tips

This year we’re focusing on cutting down on the amount of gear we cart around the country on our various adventures. So my first tip is a great idea for lightening the load, but still making sure you can knock up something delicious after a long day hiking. […]

Summer Leys Nature Reserve

We’re not all lucky enough to live in an AONB (area of outstanding natural beauty) or a National Park, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t find your own oasis of  beautiful countryside wherever you live. (I know I hark on about this a lot, but it’s so […]

Campsite Cooking 2

Undoubtedly, one of the main attractions of camping is the simplicity of the whole experience. However, we seem to have acquired an awful lot of gear lately, so our aim this year is to get back to basics and to apply this approach to our cooking. This week […]

Campsite Cooking 1

When we started camping (just last year!) we had a few culinary mishaps before we found a winning formula. This year, on our first trip back in March, we finally felt like we’d cracked it. The key is to keep things simple. For example we only have two cooking […]

Review: Biolite Stove

Being a romantic couple, me and Luke decided to treat ourselves to a Biolite stove and grill as a joint Christmas present. If I’m honest, although I loved the idea, it was an extravagant purchase (altogether set us back about £180) and this was the only way I could justify […]

Harlestone Firs-April 2014

I love Harlestone Firs. I’ve loved it since my Grandparents took me there as a kid. I loved riding there during my ‘horsy phase’. Now I love popping there for a walk whenever my busy schedule allows. This afternoon I was driving back from Leicester and, as the […]

Kenilworth Castle Feb 2014

A few weeks ago on a very breezy February day we ventured into Warwickshire for a visit to Kenilworth Castle. Despite having lived in Leamington Spa for a couple of years I’d never been to the castle, so a trip was well overdue! The castle is well worth […]