Buxton Country Park

Despite the dismal weather on our last camping trip, we were still keen to get out and walk whenever possible. For our first proper walk with the baby we headed north up the A515 to Buxton Country Park.  The site is also the home of Poole’s Cavern (and Go […]

Tips for Camping on a Budget

Like most things in life, you usually get what you pay for. It would be great to always be able to buy the best, or latest gear. Sometimes, however, that isn’t possible. Camping is a great example of this. One of the reasons that I started my blog […]

Stowe Gardens

With all the baby/new house/engagement excitement of last year, I keep forgetting that we managed quite a few outings as well. I recently came across some great photos of our trip to Stowe Gardens last October so thought I’d put a few up. I bet the gardens look […]

Beautiful Bluebells

We’ve visited Everdon Stubbs before, but this time we timed it right to see the beautiful display of bluebells. As I’ve mentioned before, I often came here as a child, and I have to say that in Spring it is every bit as impressive as I remember. There are […]

Southwold Revisited

As I’ve been looking back through my posts, I’ve realised that several of them fall a bit short. I like to think that my blog has improved over time, so I’ve revisited some and added a few photos and extra info. Our Southwold trip is a case in […]

Lyveden Way

I’m currently working my way through some old posts, editing and generally tidying up a bit, and was reminded of an outing that we really enjoyed. Back in January 2014 we visited Lyveden New Bield and incorporated a walk along the Lyveden Way as well. The view from […]

Rushton Triangular Lodge

We’re suckers for a quirky building, so once again we headed off to a local landmark that we’ve so far neglected to visit. As fun as it is visiting far flung corners of the UK, there’s plenty to see right here in Northants. Rushton Triangular Lodge is a […]