Tarn Hows

After our rather challenging Helvellyn hike the day before, we decided on a more sedate outing last Sunday. We were really keen to get out and see some of the Autumn colours, have a little wander and try to ease our aches. We didn’t quite manage the latter, but we did get to see some beautiful scenery.

Tarn Hows,  near Coniston, is a popular spot, one might even call it touristy, however I’m not snobby. There’s a reason why places are popular, and it’s usually that they’re worth seeing. If you don’t like sharing your walk I suggest you get there early.


There are paths all around the tarn-or lake- making it an easily accessible walk. It’s also possible to hire an all-terrain mobility scooter, although this needs to be done in advance.

Our leisurely stroll of just under two miles was just what we needed. It was a dull day, but there was still plenty of colour to admire.


We were also lucky enough to meet some of the Belted Galloways who graze the land around Tarn Hows.

There were several more hiding amongst the bracken. I’m not really a fan of cows, but these were very cute!

After our walk we headed back to the car to start our journey home, just hoping that our legs would still work after the long drive.

They didn’t.

Tin Box traveller

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  1. I love the colours in your top photograph, they’re stunning! I’m not a cow fan either, and worryingly I seem to have passed my ‘scared of cows’ gene onto the kids too. #Mondayescapes


  2. We have some long hairy cows not dissimilar to this our roaming on the moor near us, I must say I never like to get too close but they look very beautiful #mondayescapes


  3. This is the kind of place I will choose for a hike. I can’t get enough of those gorgeous water reflections and the reddish colors. I will not mind getting all achy. #MondayEscapes


  4. I visited the Coniston area a couple of times as a kid and remember driving past Tarn Hows but not stopping there. How wonderful it looks with the autumn colours everywhere! Thanks so much for linking up with #MondayEscapes

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  5. We have some Belted Galloways in a field near us in Lincolnshire – I didn’t know what breed they were until now (such a townie!!)


  6. Your photos are gorgeous! We aren’t too far from Tarn Hows and keep meaning to head over but we never seem to get the chance; I think you have just inspired me to bump it up our list. #MondayEscapes


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