Northamptonshire Pub Walk

Due to a conference later in the week, I had to change my days off and so found myself with a child free day. Imagine that! Some people might have headed to the shops, others to the nail salon, and one or two straight back to bed. I, of course, persuaded Luke to go for a walk. As much as I love taking Finn out, it was nice to be able to cover some miles at a decent pace, and not have to take a massive rucksack with us!northamptonshire-5-mile-pub-walkAs I often do, I planned a route along familiar tracks. I grew up just a couple of miles away from where our walk started. I also followed some of the roads where I used to go riding as a child. (I must admit, the hills seemed bigger and the roads longer than I remembered-I guess things seem smaller when you’re on a horse!)

Whilton, Northants

Whilton is a pretty village in Northamptonshire, nr Daventry

We started in the village of Whilton and followed the footpath out of the village towards Little Brington. As you can see from the map above, this is near to the Althorp Estate, ancestral home of Princess Diana. There are some nice walks around there, also just out of shot on the same side is Harlestone Heath, another of our favourite places.

Whilton to Little Brington

Heading across the fields towards Little Brington. It was nice to not have to stick to a pushchair friendly route for a change

There is a lovely pub in Little Brington, which I can personally recommend. The Saracen’s Head  has a great reputation locally and serves delicious food, well worth a stop if you’re not in a rush.


On this occasion (and most unlike us) we carried on. As tempting as it would have been to retire to the pub, the weather was gorgeous and we wanted to make the most of our time.

We picked up the byway and headed towards the hamlet of Brockhall. This was mostly downhill and followed an old track, so a nice easy stretch.


One of my favourite views and one I remember well from my childhood

It felt good to be outside enjoying such a beautiful autumn day. The leaves are just turning and the air has turned cooler. Definitely my favourite season!


Heading towards Brockhall

Brockhall is very picturesque, and I enjoyed visiting again after so many years, even if the background roar of the M1 seems louder these days.

We walked through the parkland I used to gallop through, a little slower these days, but still enjoyable and picked up the footpath back to Whilton. The path passes right by an OS trig point, which I always like to see. I know a lot of people ‘collect’ them. I often think I should give it a go!

Have you visited any places from your childhood recently?

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  1. Looks like a great place for a walk, sadly I think nearly everywhere in the UK is a bit spoiled by road noises, sometimes no matter how lovely and area looks all you get is background hum of cars 😦


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