The Ultimate Guide to Hiking Boots

As any outdoor adventurer will tell you, your hiking boots can make or break you. If your boots don’t fit correctly or are not the right kind of boot for the terrain, both your comfort and enjoyment levels plummet. It’s therefore essential that every adventurer has a high quality pair of hiking boots in their arsenal. Whether you enjoy mountain hikes or hill walks, country strolls or beach walks, there are different kinds of hiking boots suitable for each terrain.

For the most part, walking boots are an expensive purchase. The educated hiker will inform themselves on how best to choose the right hiking boots. The first step is to shop around. The price and quality of hiking boots (just like shoes) vary from store to store. By doing some research both online and in your local area, you will be able to find the best value for your money. It’s safe to say there’s lots to consider when it comes to purchasing hiking boots. From the correct fit to the perfect materials, the people at Walsh Brothers Shoes have created an ultimate guide which is featured in the below infographic. Your perfect pair of hiking boots will be both safe and comfortable.

By knowing the different parts of hiking boots as well as knowing what activities you plan to undertake in the boots, you will be able to choose the best type of boot. Because you will be spending so much time in your hiking shoe/boot, it’s essential that they fit correctly. Need to know all the details? Let’s check out the informative infographic!

An infographic covering everything you need to know about choosing, looking after and wearing hiking boots


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  1. Great tips, I need to get some new boots soon, thinking of going for full leather this time round as way easier to care for than other types. Last lot have lasted me nearly 10 years, but now hard to keep water out 😦


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