Campsite Cookery

Downloadable Camping Meal Planner & Shopping List

Firstly, a few notes on this post. It is designed to take the stress out of meal planning for your camping holiday. The planner includes three breakfasts and three evening meals, enough for a long weekend away for four people, plus a shopping list. I haven’t included any lunches, as I presume people will be out and about during the day, and no-one needs telling how to make a sandwich!

pill box

This is the perfect way to transport dried herbs, spices & seasoning

Obviously, not everyone will like everything. I’ve gone for family friendly, easy recipes, but you can mix and match according to your tastes. I plan to do a few more versions, including vegetarian, in the future.

I recommend that you make the chilli in advance. That way, when you’re tired after the journey and setting up camp, you have an easy meal that just needs reheating. Also, if you freeze it, it will also help to keep your cool box cold. Likewise, the pancake batter can be made beforehand and transported in a plastic bottle.

Download your own copy here

I hope this helps. I plan to do more so I’d love to know your favourite camping meals so that I can include them in future posts.



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