Days Out

Fineshade Wood

We were blessed with a couple of days of gorgeous weather last week and, rather fortunately, these coincided with my days off. Luke was also craving some fresh air after being cooped up in his study for what seemed like weeks, so we headed to Fineshade Woods near Corby. We’ve never been before, but it’s been on my list for a while. Not least as it is becoming apparent that we need to find more adventurous things to occupy a rapidly growing Finn. Therefore, I thought a walk and play would be just what we all needed.

The cafe and picnic area at Fineshade

Fineshade boasts a cafe, cycle hire and outside eating area.

I got a trail map from the cafe and we decided to stick to the shortest walk as we had the pushchair with us. There is also a Stick Man Trail here, which looks like great fun for children.

Signs showing the start of the 3 different walking trails at Fineshade woods

There are three walks available at Fineshade of 2, 3 and 5 miles.


Sign showing the start of the family cycle trail at Fineshade woods

There are bikes available to hire and a family cycle trail


Sign explaining the industrial history of Fineshade Wood

AS we walked, signs highlighted the industrial history of the area

A path heads into the distance surrounded by open countryside

As we headed back to the start, we enjoyed some nice views of the countryside

When we’d finished our walk we headed to the play area so that Finn could stretch his legs. He is on the verge of walking and so gets very frustrated when he has to stay in the pushchair for a while. I’m looking forward to him being able to walk a little way and get a bit more out of our time spent outdoors

A toddler crawls across a wooden bridge in a playground

Finn finding his balance on the wobbly bridge


I hope you’ve been enjoying the better weather recently. Have you discovered any great new places?

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