Harlestone Easy 3 Mile Walk

At the beginning of 2016 I signed up for the #Walk2016 challenge with Viewranger (a great GPS and tracking app I use to record my walks) but had so far failed to get started! I have pledged to walk 250 miles this year. I would like to do more, but with work and a small child, I’m realistic about how much I can do. The walks only count when they are recorded using the app and this is where my problems usually start! I have been out for a couple of walks, however I often forget to start the app, so I get half way and then realise I’m not recording! I also recently dropped my phone down the toilet and it’s not quite been the same since-I guess I should be grateful it works at all.

Anyway, this time I was determined to record a walk and get off the mark. We nipped out for a leisurely 3.2  mile stroll around one of our favourite local woods, Harlestone Heath.

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We were last here in the Autumn, when the trees looked stunning with their golden leaves. It wasn’t quite so impressive this time around, however it was still a lovely walk.


The walk took us through the woods and out along a bridleway. We then walked under the railway, across a golf course and back through the woods.


This walk was mostly on solid paths and there was little mud

IMG_6315 (1)-02

The beautifully manicured greens of the golf course put our garden to shame!

I was expecting it to be muddy, however it was fine apart from a couple of bits under the railway. In fact, in the summer I reckon it would be manageable with a pretty robust all terrain pushchair.

We stuck with the carrier though and, as usual, Finn enjoyed himself immensely. I’m aware that as soon as he starts walking (any day now!) he might not appreciate being restrained. For the time being we’re making the most of it while we can get some miles done before he becomes a toddling terror!

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So who’s joining me in the #Walk2016 challenge? How far do you think you could walk this year?
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