Buxton Country Park

Despite the dismal weather on our last camping trip, we were still keen to get out and walk whenever possible. For our first proper walk with the baby we headed north up the A515 to Buxton Country Park.  The site is also the home of Poole’s Cavern (and Go Ape if you’re so inclined), however we skipped the cavern tour and headed straight out for a walk.


As it was our first walk with the baby carrier, we chose the most direct route

I popped into the visitor centre and grabbed a leaflet outlining different routes up to the viewpoint of Solomon’s Temple. If it had been sunny we could have enjoyed some glorious views, although even as it was distinctly gloomy, we still enjoyed our woodland walk, and in fact it was rather atmospheric.


                              The path heading up to Solomon’s Temple


                                       The path through the woods 


                             Solomon’s Temple rising out of the gloom

It was a lovely walk, despite the weather and a great first outing for the baby. He wasn’t put off at all. In true British style, he donned his waterproof jacket and laughed and smiled all the way.


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  1. Solomon’s temple looks very atmospheric in the mist! Lovely photos and you’re right that it doesn’t matter too much if it’s wet, just dress right and it’s fine.

    Thanks for sharing with #whatevertheweather linky 🙂 x


    • Thanks, and definitely agree-you have to just get out there! If you worried about the weather here you’d never leave the house. Thanks for hosting such a fab linky, really enjoyed reading some great blogs


  2. Are those baby carriers any good? I’ve been looking at getting one for my daughter. What amazing pictures you’ve captured, it looks really eerie and like there is quite an atmosphere there but beautiful all the same. Thank you so much for linking this with #whatevertheweather x


    • Yes, we love the carrier and means we can carry on walking-albeit a bit slower! We borrowed that one, but prior to getting it we did a bit of research, went to Go Outdoors to try a few out etc. Definitely worth getting one that’s fully adjustable. Baby absolutely adores it, he’s very nosey so loves looking around. I was disappointed that the weather wasn’t better and we missed the brilliant views, but actually enjoyed walking in that spooky atmosphere, made it all the more memorable!


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