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Review: Coalasnacon Caravan and Camping Park

Quite possibly the most beautiful campsite in the world…

When we told people we were going camping in Scotland in July we were met with more than a few raised eyebrows. Didn’t we know about the midges? What were we thinking?! Anyway, being rather stubborn individuals we decided that everyone was just being overdramatic and so we ploughed on regardless.

We left Ullswater and headed north to our next stop, Caolasnacon Caravan and Camping Park between Glencoe and Kinlochleven. We have stayed at some impressive campsites, but this one was really special. Right on the bank of Loch Leven, it was truly beautiful. The owners are incredibly relaxed and we were able to pick our own spot, of course we grabbed a pitch right next to the water.


The view from our tent


Looking towards Glencoe

As well as a spectacular setting, this site has some good facilities, including a laundry (handy after being away for over a week), free electric hook ups, wifi and clean showers with plenty of hot water. There is a Co-op at Kinlochleven ( a short drive away) and we frequented a lovely local hostelry (mainly to get away from the midges) just outside Glencoe.


So what about the midges? Well, we had gone prepared but they were still a massive pain. Luckily the bedroom section of our tent is a separate compartment which can be zipped up so we at least had some respite. That didn’t stop me getting eaten alive, although it definitely hasn’t put me off going to Scotland. It’s such a beautiful country and I’m very keen to go back-I just might treat myself to a B&B next time!

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  1. That certainly is a wonderful view from your tent, what a shame about the midges, but while they might be annoying at least they aren’t scary or painful. This summer I did a road trip around Poland and Germany and the wasps were hideously abundant in many places which really wasn’t pleasant – I would often count over 10 wasps on my glass – not fun! #MondayEscapes


    • Mmm ok wasps are probably worse than midges-they do bite though! The view just about made up for it, even if I couldn’t sit out admiring it as long as I wanted. #MondayEscapes


    • It was truly stunning, easily the most beautiful place we’ve ever camped. Sadly with the benefit of hindsight I don’t think we’ll be camping , although I am desperate to head back north of the border.


  2. Oh WOW! I want to go to that campsite right now! (I have already sent the link to my other half)

    I am using the winter months to try to concoct the most potent (but not too smelly) midge repellent so hopefully if we’re heading that way next year we should be covered… I think I might also spend winter looking at the views from your tent too 😀


  3. That certainly is a pretty impressive view! With regards to midges, a lot of people swear by the Avon Skin So Soft stuff. I never have a problem myself, it seems like I’m one of those lucky people who are naturally repulsive to midges. Never have had issues with mosquitos or ticks either.


  4. Looks like a great campsite. I have driven past it a few times and always wondered. Avon skin soft is the way forward with midge. I am a midge gourmet meal until I slap that on!


  5. Looks amazing! The campsite on the Outdoor Bloggers trip to Snowdon was very similar in that it was on the edge of a beautiful lake in a valley- it’s a shame you couldn’t come as you would have loved it.


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