Harlestone Firs-April 2014

I love Harlestone Firs. I’ve loved it since my Grandparents took me there as a kid. I loved riding there during my ‘horsy phase’. Now I love popping there for a walk whenever my busy schedule allows. This afternoon I was driving back from Leicester and, as the sun beamed down on the soul destroying M1, I had a craving to get outdoors.


This is part of the beauty of the Firs. It is on my doorstep. It may be just on the outskirts of Northampton, but it is a wonderfully serene and beautiful place.


Plus it is open to everyone. Families, dogs, walkers, joggers, horse riders and mountain bikers all have a slice of pristine nature to escape to.


As a walker, it’s great if, like today, you have a spare hour, the sun is shining and you fancy a quick amble round the woods. Or if you want a long walk, it makes a great starting/finishing point, with access to footpaths meandering their way to local villages, including The Bramptons, Holdenby, Althorp and The Bringtons.

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